Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Great Events!!!

Pesona Bakatmu and Nostalgia P. Ramlee..

Tired but fun when handling these two Persona Bakatmu my team named Super Senior (SS) had won dance!!!!seriously best!!!after that in Nostalgia P. Ramlee, I became the AJK for this event..the response from UiTM student not so glorious like Pesona Bakatmu..but still became a great event...i hope next event is more fun!!:)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Great Treasure Hunt!!!!

Awesome treasure hunt!!!my team had won!!thank to my group members Ashraf,Fadhil,Ali and Elyas..tired but fun..lastly we play flour!!hahaha..a great moment and i enjoyed it very much!!! :)

Shah Alam!!!

Last night my senior asked you want to go to UiTM Shah Alam to participate in an event??i said of course YES!!!so,i going to Shah Alam this coming weekend..26,27 and 28 March..i hope every going be okay..i hope its truly,pray for me okay??InsyaAllah..:)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie Award!!!

Good news!!!my group has won best picture and best original screen play in DIB2C movie award...I'm so glad..another good news is my lecture said that our movie will be sent to Korea to participating a shot movie competition...I don't expect to much for that competition..Another competition is ELC (English Language Club UiTM,Kedah) short movie competition..I hope our short movie will win the least third place..hehe..that all for today..daaa~


What is different between handling an event and participating an event??
Grrrrr!!!!participating is more easier than handling an event..when we participating an event,when just think how to perform and entertain the,it more easier than handling an,why must we reject all invitation from other parties?worthless right?almost 15K fly away from us..tension!!!!why2??can you give us change to perform outside from UiTM??seriously worthless!!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Awesome Dinner!!!

Awesome dinner!!!all my classmates look smart and bad but last semester is the best dinner ever because our class perform on stage..hehe..nice place but small stage..not bad for RM20 dinner..delicious food and sirap only..hahahahaha..sporting and happening classmates..keep up the DIB class C spirits!!!=D


Today is Friday..tonight is dinner time..waaa...can't wait to see my classmates dress up at the dinner tonight..the theme is black,white and red.. Gothic style..hahahhaha.. i like about me??my style is simple and and white no red..hahahahha...that all for today..its koko post i will tell u guys about our dinner tonight..=)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

NS LiFe!!!

Miss my NS life!!!miss my friends.. especially Sabahan!!!miss them a lot.. seriously!!!byk bnda yg dorg ajar aku dkt sna..bez gle..dorg mngajar aku tgk dunia yg sebenarnya!!!hahahhaha..yg penting they had changed me a lot!!!thanx guys cbb bg experience yg bez gle..rmai org ckp yg NS is suck tp aku ase bez gle!!skali seumur idop je..rugi sapa x dpt msk NS!!!hahahaha..time cuti plkn aku ngan geng2 plkn aku overnight kat KL..first time jd bebas mcm experience ever!!thanx a lot guys!!!i always remember u all!!!

sHorT MoViE!!!

salam..hehe..assignment plng ssh sem nie ialah kami kne bt short movie..huhu..dh ar kn msk contest..hmmm...mcm2 jd time bt short movie nie..first accident,second jatuh dlm sg and plng sakit ati nset yg rakam scene kat sedim msk dlm LOBANG JAMBAN..huhu..punah arapan..bnda nk jd x leh bt apa la kn..hmmmm..kami tpksa reshoot kat sedim bez gle..men2 je lbeyh..moral value time wat movie nie kteorg dpt bkrjasama n lbeyh rpt antara 1 sama len..arap2 movie nie menang contest tu..haahahaha..:)


mkn ari mkn mls nk g kelas..x taw la nape..adohai..ble la nk aku jenis yg stdy last minit..apa2 pun stdy smrt not stdy hard..hahahahha..result to test pun aku x taw ag..lau trok tpksa la aku abaikan smue event2 yg akn dtg..hhhmmmm..:(

nEw eVeNt

hmmm...ada event bru kat penang..mybe kne ponteng kelas..mcmna ek??? mst bez pnye..dh byk kali ponteng x kn nk ponteng ag..bleh catch up kowt..hahahha..arap2 dpt klulusan dr org ats..hadiah menarik kowt..5K..hahahaha..doa2 la dpt..hehe..:)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bez glE!!!

hahahhahaha..bez kowt event nie..glamour sat aku kat paper metro..hahahhaa..walaupun x sefemes artis tp bez gak ar..enjoy gle..ngan training nye..hahahhaa..bez2!!ngan senior2 nye..the best experience ever!!!event akn dtg x msk paper pun..just PESONAKAN BAKATMU!!

Part 2!!!

Dh second sem dh thn nie!!hahahhaha..seb bek x da repeat paper..result aku pun ok..hehe..roomates sem nie tmbh ag sorg..Rahman nma die..bek la jgk..bleh msk kpla..hahahha..apa2 pun idop aku sma je mcm sem lps..men2 je lbeyh..stdy idak pun!!!hahahaha..mcm2 cte ada slma 3 bln dh aku kat UiTM Kedah nie!!jeng2!!!tunggu!!!